PHOTOS: Outdoor Cooking on a Poyke Pot

Today our group had a little family bonding day trip. We started off riding ATVs through the Judean Desert. It was an exhilarating experience with breathtaking views AND photo opps with ~wild~ camels.

mid-ATV ride, stopped to pose with Mike
not sure who looks happier, Mike or me?

Following our off-roading excursion, we went hiking and then went to a place called Desert Camping in Israel, where we gathered together to cook a gratifying meal under the stars. The style of cooking is called Poyke, using a cauldron-type pot over an open fire.

We sifted flour to make homemade pitas, cut vegetables for Israeli salad, made delicious oasis-style rice, lentils, hot sangria and more.

Take a look at our feast for yourself. Sorry in advance if your mouth waters…

p.s. click any of the photos for a bigger view.


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