VIDEO: Surviving the Snowpocalypse in Jerusalem

As I sat on my balcony in a bathing suit enjoying the sunshine, I couldn’t believe that just a week prior, I had stocked up with food, bundled with layers and prepared for the “snow storm of the year.”

I’ve lived in Florida nearly my entire life, with brief stints in Costa Rica, England, New York, Argentina and Australia. Never have I ever considered myself a resident of a place and had it snow. It usually snows once a year in Jerusalem, and this year we had an estimated 10 inches! Needless to say I was beyond excited.

Though the entire city shut down due to the storm, we still managed to have an amazing time. We went and played in the park and found a tunnel party. If you’re confused, don’t worry, so was I. Hundreds of young Israelis crammed into what would be a normal pathway on a regular day. A fire had been built, people had set up bars inside and there was an amazing speaker system blasting Baauer.

The speakers ran off of coal since a lot of people don’t use electricity on Shabbat. The rave cave was probably one of the best memories I’ll take with me from Jerusalem. It was such a by-chance moment.

Getting there, though, was half the fun. I love snow and frolicking in it, so I was probably the happiest person in all of Israel.

Check out this video of me playing in the snow pre-rave cave:


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