PHOTOS: Hiking in Eilat

Hey friends!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been really busy acting like a homegrown Israeli. Everyone keeps telling us “we’ve come at the best time,” and I think I’m starting to believe it. Between Purim, music festivals in the Old City, elections, starting work and mini trips to Tel Aviv, there is a ton going on all the time.

Next week were going on another hiking/camping trip so I figured I’d better upload photos from my last trip before I get even further behind.

Eilat was a really fun little adventure. We hiked for two days, conquering the Sahar Mountain Range and Har Shlomo. I absolutely loved the barren land with its brown and red dusty sediment. Day two’s hike was a little more challenging; the mountain was really rocky and steep, so the trail was unstable.

Once at the top though, it was clear the risk was worth the reward because the views were absolutely breathtaking. From the peak, we could see Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as the stunningly turquoise and deep blue Red Sea.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the excursion. Feel free to click any of them for a better view.



To see the rest of the photos, visit my Flickr.


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