My article on TedxJerusalem got published

I was at work one day and pitching story ideas to my editors. I mentioned that there was a TedxJerusalem event at the nearby university, Hebrew U, and that it was a shame someone wasn’t there to cover that. They agreed, but the event was sold out and we didn’t have press access.

Linda, my editor, told me to “just try and see what happens.” She warned me that the first security checkpoint to get on campus would be tight and suggested I pretend to be a student. I’m an even 5’0″ and backpacks are sort of my trademark, so I knew this first part would be cake.

I slid right by security, avoiding showing my nonexistent student ID before going through an airport-like checkpoint. Navigating through the university was probably the most difficult part of the whole mission. I didn’t know exactly where Tedx was. I only knew that it was on this foreign campus, and finding someone who knew what I was talking was nearly impossible. But, Baruch HaShem, I ran into the one person I knew, and he helped me  find the auditorium.

With a mixture of sweetness and assertiveness I addressed security and was given a media pass with no problem.

The event was so inspiring. Researchers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and activists were among the many thought-provoking and hilariously entertaining speakers. I wrote an article about the event and it got published on The Media Line‘s newly rebranded website. Read it here.

Ⓒ Talia J. Medina
Ⓒ Talia J. Medina



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