Goodbye and Thank you

A week from today I will complete my 25th rotation around the sun, and I can’t believe and am so grateful for this incredible life I’ve been given. I was scared to welcome a new year knowing UF was not in sight but the adventures 24 brought me have given me so much more strength and knowledge.

This year I said goodbye to a city I quickly called home and friends who are family (hi Grovers <3). I spent the craziest, most R-rated week of my life in Vegas with some of my dearest people. A quick weekend in the Swamp made me realize I had outgrown the environment I adore so fondly and made me feel even more lost and confused as to my place in this wonderful world. I recharged with some music and sunshine in California with the squad I love the most, followed by Thanksgiving with all five of us for the first time in years.

Christmas came and my gift was returning to one of my most favorite cities, Buenos Aires, with a brief pit stop in Uruguay. Argentina filled me with peace and inspiration. It was amazing to show my family my old stomping grounds – the parks my friends and I would go to, the shops I spent too much money at and the cafes that left me dizzy. I was so scared the first time I went to Argentina that I almost didn’t get on the plane, yet there I was for the second time with excitement and confidence. For the second time, Buenos Aires reminded me there’s so much more to life than Florida, and reassured me that I would figure my path out just as I had before.

I came home for 6 hours just to hope on a flight to Boston to spend the week with my most favorite human, and we shared my first real New Years kiss in New York City. I officially wasn’t scared of 2015 anymore.

New Years in NYC

Then, something fantastically random happened and I moved to Israel – a challenging, exhausting and rewarding soul-searching experience that introduced me to some of the best and worst people I’ve ever known. And now, I’m back.

Phewph. What a whirlwind of a year it’s been.

I can’t believe how much I’ve done but I can’t take all the credit. I couldn’t have enjoyed the ridiculous year I had if it wasn’t for the supreme support system I have hugging me from around the globe. Every year gets better and better for me cause I find myself surrounded by the most positive vibes around.

Thank you to all my friends, new and old. Thank you for all the texts, phone calls, and FaceTimes, laughs, tears and meals, all the conversations that made me feel at home no matter where I was in the world. Thank you for listening to me, for guiding me, for exposing me to new beliefs, new music and new feels. Thank you to all the friends who have always encouraged me to do whatever I damn well please, and to those who have pushed me to go even further than I thought I could. It’s really amazing to have all of you and your love and light in my sphere.

I’ve absolutely loved watching all of you grow, too. Seeing you move to new cities, find jobs and promotions, fall in love and chase your dreams to the fullest inspires me to blaze my path. This year I’ve cried harder than I thought my little body could handle and have loved deeper than my soul. I feel so much warmth and energy from the friends I have around the world and am so thankful to call you guys mine.

Thank you for making 24 so spectacular.

This year has proven you never know what life is going to throw at you, or where you may end up, but I’m looking forward to another year of magic with new recipes, more music and dancing, lots of yoga, love and adventures… starting with a one-way flight I can’t yet announce. Thank you guys for making my life so happy and full. To all the people who have crossed my path, whether briefly, eternally, positively, negatively or virtually, thank you for teaching me something and helping me grow.

To all the beautiful friends in my life, no matter the time or distance that separates us, I love you more than you know. Thank you.


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