Lido & Santell release Passion Project II EP

Well damn, if the universe isn’t tell me to get this going…

Just after I post this “not really a resolution post” about doing the damn thing with this passion project of mine, I stumble upon Lido and Santell’s new EP, Passion Project II. It was released on SoundCloud a week ago and has a little over 800 listens.

At first, I’m drawn to the artwork. I love the purples and the texture in the melting ice cube.

Of the three songs, “Mariah/Say You Scared” is my favorite.  It starts with a sample from her hit “Fantasy,” off the “Daydream” album. Naturally, I get excited. Her “Butterfly” album came out when I was seven years old and I belted my heart out to that. By the time “#1s” was released the following year, my mom probably wished Mariah hadn’t been discovered, but I digress…

What’s your favorite track off “PPII?”


Your thoughts, please?

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