Bonnie x Clyde return to Miami for Life in Color

*This post originally appeared on* Last year, the DJ duo Bonnie x Clyde played Life in Color festival for the first time. They had never performed at a music festival, and this show in Miami catapulted them into the electronic-music scene. Since then, Bonnie x Clyde have toured, signed a record deal and moved across the country. They’ll return to Life in Color in Miami on Saturday, Jan. 28, this time to play the main stage.

“There was a good hype around Florida [after Life in Color],” says Daniel Litman, 24, aka Clyde. “It enabled us to basically book … like 10 shows, all different cities around Florida. And then, from there, that momentum led into getting Insomniac’s attention with the music.:

Insomniac Events organizes some of the biggest festivals in the nation, including the multicity Electronic Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland and Escape. It also runs a record label that holds a contest called Discovery Project, which awarded Bonnie x Clyde a slot at Nocturnal Wonderland, an Insomniac festival that takes place in September. They went on to play Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando in November and are booked for Middlelands in May.

Bonnie x Clyde describe their music “vocal bass.”

“[The music] always has my vocals and a heavy bass line,” explains Paige Lopynski, 23, aka Bonnie.

Lopynski’s voice provides the heartbeat of Bonnie X Clyde’s songs, which include the ethereal “Rise Above” and the pop-leaning “Tonight.”

Litman and Lopynski say they have an equal hand in the creative process.

“There’s been songs where I produce it, and then Paige brought the vocals and cleaned up,” Litman says, “but there’s been songs where she produced the whole thing and brought the vocals and just brought me the session and beefed it up.”

While Bonnie x Clyde now live in Los Angeles, the group’s origins are in Miami. Litman attended the University of Miami, and Lopysnki spent the summer of 2014 in the city to work on music with him. She flew back to Virginia Tech to finish school while the pair continued to collaborate via Skype sessions. After graduating, Lopynski moved to Miami.

“[Miami] definitely influenced the more bass-heavy [sound],” Litman says. “A majority of the people’s music that I play in our sets is actually by producers that live and operate within Florida.”

They’ve also produced music with some of these artists, including Havok Roth and Clips x Ahoy.

“Our geography has naturally enabled connections that led to the style and types of music that are being played in our sets,” Litman says.

Earlier this month, Bonnie x Clyde signed their first record deal, with Insomniac Records and Interscope. While they’re likely to play some new tracks this weekend, they’ll release a new single on Feb. 24. They say the full EP will come out in March.

In the meantime, Litman and Lopynski say they can’t wait to get back to Miami and Life in Color.

“It’s exciting to see who from last year is going to be there,” Lopynski says. “We’re hoping for double the crowd and double the energy.”

Bonnie x Clyde will play the main stage at Life in Color 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, at Mana Wynwood, 318 NW 23rd St., in Miami. Tickets start at $114.99. Go to


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